14th Jul | Story

A fresh start

Keith Winter spent 25 years in television because it paid the bills and allowed him time to coach his three boys. While caring for his sons’ baseball fields, he found his true calling.

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15th May | Story

Turkey Mike’s Sweet Sauce

On the field, the San Jose Giants do little more than win and develop players. So why are they more famous for the meat they grill behind third base?

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8th Jun | Story

A dose of common sense

During the 1984 season, Sam Bernabe was an Iowa Cubs intern, pumping stormwater out of dugouts and cleaning locker rooms. Now he is president and general manager of the team and chairman of the minor league board of trustees.

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13th Apr | Story

Attack of the 10-inch hot dog

Corey Brandt loves to create extravagant foods. Burgers that weigh in at eight pounds? Hot dogs wrapped in bacon? He has more ideas. Lots more.

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12th May | Story

One tweet at a time

The Stockton Ports have a roster filled with young players raised on social media and comfortable in the digital world. Outfielder Rashun Dixon might just be the most entertaining — and outspoken — of the bunch.

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07 Jul | Videos

Jonny Gomes

Before he played in the majors, Jonny Gomes hit 63 homers in the minors, suffered a heart attack and, on a lighter note, became a certified personal trainer.

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21 Jul | Photos

Dayton Dragons

The Dragons faltered on their way to a 9-1 loss to the Kane County Cougars, but fans were still entertained between innings ... by the ZOOperstars.

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